I'm Linky! This is a hub of my links! I love Tokusatsu, tons of Old Anime, Video Games and more. I have many interests and am multifannish. I love the old and/or obscure.
I like to draw fanart but I have OCs too! I'm a webmaster and hobby coder as well.
I really love the Harlock x Maya pairing ♡ As well as the Leijiverse as a whole! I also really love the Ankh/Eiji pairing and Kamen Rider OOO. 腐人 (Fujin)
Bi & Nonbinary | They/Them | 25↑, Birthday is 1/30.


about the artist

I'm Linky, I do my best to improve my art! I love Nintendo, tons of Old Anime, and a whole lot more! I like to draw fanart but I have OCs too, and I really love the Harlock x Maya pairing ♡ As well as the Leijiverse as a whole!
Bi & Nonbinary | They/Them | 20↑ (Birthday is 1/30)


Due to personal reasons in my life, commissions are closed indefinitely for the time being. I apologize for any inconvenience!
Please feel free to inquire or ask any questions through DMing me on social media or Emailing me!

Will do: Ocs, Fanart, Some furries(Ask me!)
Won't do: NSFW, Hateful/Offensive content, Mecha, Gore
Other notes: Client must pay via PayPal invoice
invoice, You have to pay upfront before I start the process.
-References are greatly appreciated!
-There is no option for digitally painted work at this time, commissions with shading will be shaded with cel shading only. I apologize for any inconvenience!
-Extra characters will add to the price, how much depends on how finished you'd like your piece to be, feel free to ask for a quote!
-Details can add to the price as well depending.
-I have the right to refuse a commission.
Chibi Commissions:
Will be in style as shown below!
-$25 usd + $10 - $15 usd for extra character
-Details in design can add in price
-Same will and won't do conditions as normal style commissions
-Must pay upfront via PayPal Invoice
-Dm or Email for any questions!

I also have a MS Paint sketch option available!
More details are in this twitter thread!

Examples of Work

Miscellaneous Info

-My twitter is very RT heavy.
-I'm a little shy, but I don't bite! Feel free to @/dm/etc me! I love to make new mutuals and friends.